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You are the only one for you

You are the only one for you

As empaths, we are created to see the potential in others –

to give them space to be who they are without judgement. With love. So what happens when relationships fail? We still give the space. It’s in our nature. But the magic is we can take it back – mirror it and see the potential in ourselves.

Take back what you gave him. Give it to yourself. He wasn’t ready; he is still becoming. Let him, and nurture your own potential. His potential was a product of your min rooted in hope. But the beauty here, my dear, is your potential is real. You know it exists. You don’t hope. Or wish. You know.

Failed relationships are the hardest of lessons, but god do you learn. Study it. Review your time together. Once, twice, three times. Ask the questions. Answer them with love in your heart. Wish him well, and let go. 

You will not hold yourself at arms length like he did. No. You will be there for yourself forever, welcoming yourself in for hugs and warmth and dances. You will hold yourself close and always know that it is out of love and good intent.

You were one in a few for him. You are the only one for you. 


3 thoughts on “You are the only one for you”

  • Too true. Most spend a lifetime never having figured this out. To see the potential inside the souls you come into contact with and care for is equal parts blessing and curse. Learning how to navigate those waters and manipulate the tide when the wind stops blowing your way is unbelievably painful and challenging. I’m proud to see you firmly planted on your own two feet instead of seeking your definition in others. I’m prouder still to have had the opportunity to brush up against your presence here in person for a short time. Stay the course. You’re inspiring.

      • Happy I could be the cause. Nosing through your website had a similar effect on me. Feel free to consider my earlier comment as me simply returning the favor. You and I seem to be more like-minded creatures fan I ever realized. I’d enjoy the opportunity to make up for some of those conversations we never got around to having in our younger days. Drop me a line sometime, if you’re not too busy.

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