what stories are you living in?

here’s one of mine. i used to think i was too broken to be loved. and by used to i mean up until this weekend, today, a few minutes ago, by used to i mean i kind of still think this way. i thought my wounds were too deep, the war with myself that I teeter-totter between winning and losing too treacherous. i couldn’t see what i had to offer. what i failed to see is that within my wounds i offer healing.

you see, the simple belief that i am too broken to be loved, the simple process of putting truth to that story – that was what made it real. that is what gave it power to be the script that i acted out. the characters, the dialogue, my actions – it all affirmed this story.

our lives are spent perpetuating these stories until we shift them. we act out the script until we can truly see the ways in which we have been conditioned by our world, and start to break through to be the best version of who we are. it’s risky, rewriting your story. you’ve been living by this script. this is all you know. but for me this unknown is worth seeking – it is a place of someone returning, of mutual healing, of security. if you are navigating stories that no longer serve you, if you want to upgrade but are feeling confused and tangled and unsteady, you are exactly where you need to be.

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