the path to balance

some days i forget that it is all pre-orchestrated.

that the days that move in slow motion where what lives in my heart is on hold — it’s all intentional. and that here, the unfolding needs space. room to breathe and naturally come undone.

and that is what I’m hearing — in the moments of uncertainty and squirming and reaching for the chapter that follows the cracking that has been this year — that it is time to be patient. and to be gentle. and to absolutely trust.

and so, i am learning, time and time again, that grasping leads to closing. to tension. and that my shoulders reach for the sun and my heart dances when I put down the hammer and the nails and trust in the timing. the deconstruction was all encompassing and instant. it threw me into the arena without warning. but this, the integration, the rebuilding, is slow. and mostly, it is the path to balance. of action with surrender. dreaming with intentional movement.

what an exhale it is, to know you are being guided into stillness. ↟

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