stay true to you

Often times along the path of living true to my self, the universes provides me with experiences that are neatly wrapped up in fear more than faith.

It’s as if I am presented with a huge mountain to climb and am not allowed to take breaks. I just have to get after it. No compromise, just go. When in reality, I am allowed to take all the breaks I need. I am allowed to walk off trail to gain different perspectives, to tackle the summit in numerous chunks of sweaty upward strides, I’m allowed to stop and breathe.

We often think we have to do a thing entirely or not at all, but there is no law in breaking it into doable, non-anxiety inducing blocks. Bite sized pieces. Who says we need to get right after the summit? We know it’s there. There’s a blueprint to get us there. Often times what we fail to remember is that we are allowed to keep changing and shifting. Sure, we’re supposed to follow this blueprint – but we’re also allowed to navigate it in a way that is true to us. Trails and summits are kind of like life in this way, I suppose.

If there is something you need to do and you are scared, anxious, nervous, unsure, uncomfortable: look at it the way you look at a summit. Admire the task, be afraid of it. Then remember your strength and remember that you don’t have to get after it all in one go. Pace yourself. Get after it, stop at the tree around the next corner. Take a break. Remember to breathe. Then keep striding, in a way that is true to you.

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