slow sips with 2019

a journaling exercise to pause. empty out. celebrate. reflect.
set down. close what is ready to be left behind. + open your heart to a new year. ✧

as the northern hemisphere winds down + the southern hemisphere speeds up, one invisible thread that keeps us connected is the shift in energy as we welcome in a new year. after tasting the sweet moment of aliveness of entering 2019 with a fire on the beach, skinny dipping in the ocean under the moon with my best friends and first love, i feel myself with one foot in new zealand + one foot in canada, seeking a balance of both the extroverted nature of summer + the hibernation period of winter. what a blessing + a curse it is, to have your heart scattered across the world.

wherever you are, whether the days are shorter + you are finding yourself retreating, sinking into rest + craving deep replenishment — or the days are longer, hotter, fast-paced + you’re craving space to pause, my hope is that these prompts offer a moment of reflection. space for you to celebrate all that 2019 carried for you. every version of you that has come + gone. every moment that lives in your heart. i hope it can be a check in to celebrate all that you have made it through, + all you will welcome into your life.

let these prompts be an emptying, a moving through, a setting down so you can enter 2020 with spaciousness.

photo + dreamiest ritual/writing space by alchemy goddess emily hassett

before you dive in, create a comfy space that is truly yours using your 5 senses. make a tea, coffee, cacao, or any other hot (or cold) drink to sip slowly. light a candle or put on a diffuser with your favourite oil. put on this playlist to ground you into a safe container of inward reflection. have a photo of people or a place that make you feel – the most you, the version of you that you want to be, safe, motivated, joyful, or whatever other feeling you want to embody as you reflect – and allow it to anchor you. use a pen that feels good in your hands, or type on your computer if this feels good to you, but edit the document. change the colour + font to one that you like. make it yours.

give yourself time. be honest. be gentle. go easy.

2019/2020 reflection journal prompts ✧

these prompts were co-authored with Rosie Kinsella of Woman Writing  —  an online community rooted in wholeness + self-validation. Woman Writing is a digital space for women who are navigating a journey of healing, + are seeking writing/journaling as a tool to go inward + self-examine.

i. what do i forgive myself for in 2019? as i write, i leave any remaining feelings of guilt, pain or sadness here to make space for new experiences, feelings, and love to enter my life in 2020. 

ii. what am i leaving behind in 2019? what learnings arose that i am going to carry with me into 2020?

iii. how did 2019 leave my body/heart/mind feeling? how do i want them to feel in 2020? 

iv. what are my deepest, recklessly honest desires for 2020? what aligned actions am i going to take in order to welcome these desires into my life? how will i actively practice releasing my grip + attachment to the outcomes?  

v. what was one moment i felt alive in 2019? what is one moment I want to experience in 2020?

vi. what are my top 5 values? how will they be the guiding forces in my life in 2020?

vii. what was something that entered my life in physical form in 2019 that felt like magic?

viii. what moments left me feeling small In 2019? how will i stay in my power in 2020?

ix. what needs of mine were revealed in 2019? how will I, softly + compassionately, learn to better communicate these needs in 2020?

x. what were my biggest fears in 2019? what are the underlying stories + consistent themes behind these fears? how will i move through these in 2020?

xi. what is my heart made of? how will i make time in 2020 for these things?

xii. what feels good + free? how will i do more of these things in 2020?

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