on we go

When things start happening to you and for you, they do not slow down and they sure as hell do not stop.

It’s as if you’re in a car, going over 150 clicks an hour, and you’re in the back seat. Flying. You can’t quite make out what things and places and people you pass. You can’t do anything. So you hang on, watch it all unfold, and hope that you get to where you need to go safely.

And then, you realize – you are the driver. You’re in control. So you hop in the driver’s seat, grab the wheel, and slow it down to take stock of everything you’re passing.

We are in control. Everything that happens to us begins within – we are attracting every. Single. Thing. And these things come quickly. Every now and then, we need to pull over on the journey and see how far we’ve come.

It’s an empowering thing, you know. Seeing the rewards of what you’re putting out into the world. It’s all coming back. It’s the big stuff – but not in the heavy sense. Big in the sense of potential. Connection. In the sense that the universe is watching and is laying out some pretty damn magical things for us further down the road.

The question isn’t what do you want to do along the way, but rather, what do you want to create? what do you want to experience?

So get back in the car. Hold on. Grab the wheel. And continue on the journey.

On we go.