on banff + co-creation

i’m sitting at the Kootenay Co-op in Nelson, BC, where one of my soul humans was dropped off just over three weeks ago to begin our road trip to Banff, AB.

em and i met in february in raglan, new zealand — where she facilitated, and i attended, a yoga retreat. the day we met we were wearing the exact. same. thing. i wish i could say this was a joke, but the only funny thing about it is how on point it was. seriously. this is us.

this is what it looks like, and feels like, to meet your aussie twin. your soul human. someone that radiates freedom and joy in every cell of their being. a couple of months, a few in-person hangs and heaps of facetime dates later, we both found ourselves in the northern hemisphere craving pine trees. the mountains. lake dips. so we got after it.

because when you find the people that help your cells expand — 
that put the fear, the smallness, to rest,
you go.
you seek and you search with your hand in theirs
for moments that are meant for you.
you go
with their vibration in your heart and their giggles in your eyes.
and you keep going, with aliveness in your bones.

these people awaken a new way of seeing.
a new way of being.
and they arrive into your life
on purpose.

there is so much i could say about banff, and the canadian rockies, and the way the little town centre being nestled right in the mountains makes you feel like you’re somewhere in europe. but i won’t. because oh, is there so much more to say about the people you are with when you are seeing the world, and the power that you have in the co-creation of it all.

the only things em and i sussed prior to the trip were the amount of days we’d be there, a collaborative playlist (because folk music is probably the most important part of everything), and staying with my family. otherwise, we knew we wanted to go on a hike, lay topless at some lakes, see some mountains, spend time writing, explore moraine + lake louise, probably drink a beer, and most definitely drink cacao. but we didn’t know when. we just let it all flow.

one of the many valuable things i’ve learnt from life with em is the art of scripting. i was introduced to this practice at the retreat and have continued to use it as a tool to harness both the romanticism in my bones and my love of writing to visualise and play and dream. i’ve used this tool for small things —  like visualising the ease and flow of the day that i went to the airport and said “see you soon, then” to my kiwi family — to bigger things —  like the vision of my most deeply desired partnership, and the qualities and traits that i want his bones and heart to be made of. i also did this before the trip with em, and of course, on the last day of our trip, sitting at our most aesthetically on-point cafe, i realised that it all happened. everything i scripted came true. a wee example of what i wrote is:

i feel loved and supported by em and her joyful energy. i feel honest and open to have conversations about all things spiritual and human. we skinny dip in the lakes with the mountains. sweat our way walking next to them. walk around as tourists, me in my own country, her in her second home. i ask for what i need, what my body needs, and surrender to the flow of it all. this is happening for a reason. it all is. and i will be so present that i taste every. damn. sip of it.

✧ guide us to ✧

— plant based/nourishing food
— moments of singing + freedom with folk music
— humans we connect deeply with
— moments of feeling grounded
— moments of feeling challenged, but safe + together
— experiences that inspire me + my pen
— feeling capable. full of sun + light + magic
— feeling beautiful in my earth tones
— smiling more. being kind. leaving footprints

and we were guided to all of it. we found health food stores + cafes. we blasted music in my little copper car, rusty, with the windows down and our hearts full. a slight mishap forgetting bear spray at the start of a hike began with us thinking of worst possible outcomes together, what we should do, if we felt comfortable, asking if it felt light or heavy, and ended with us joining a solo hiker on his adventure talking about jobs and travel and energy and living in different countries and meditation. we walked for hours without anywhere to go, without our phones, digging our toes into the moss and the dirt. we carried our journals with us, writing at lakes and cafes and beside the river. we woke up at 4:44am, made mushroom coffee and cacao, and headed to moraine + lake louise for sunrise, constantly questioning how it was real life. we wore our favourite clothes and matched everywhere we went, feeling like the earthy goddesses we are. and i have no doubt in my bones that our energy together left footprints in the days of anyone we crossed (especially this one guy in the information centre? museum? in canmore. a canadian and an aussie who don’t know where the heck they are makes for a memorable experience i reckon).

your desires matter. how you want to feel matters. and it is all a tool for you to create a life that you truly love. one where you find yourself giggling, starry eyed, asking, “how does it get any better than this?” for the entirety of it. one where you feel safe asking for what you need + listening to your body. where you radiate openness, joy, and freedom and ripple it out to everyone you have a conversation with. our trip together pushed me through a block that i didn’t know i had — leaving me with a confidence in my weirdness. my love for aesthetic. my love for love. my desires. my values. in the intentionality i carry with everything i do. and in the inner work i am always tending to.

if you are in a transition period, have one ahead of you, or simply want to create some magic for the rest of 2019, try scripting. your dream job. your dream house. and how you would spend your days if you had it all. and watch what you and the universe can muster up

because i am in constant awe of the power of our ability to co-create experiences together, and for trips like this that awaken it all in my bones. this is how life should feel, i reckon. x

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