dear 14 year old self

you are enough.

I know there are parts of you that you wish you could change. This isn’t you talking, love. The world can be a treacherous place. Along your process of becoming it will nestle it’s cunning, soft voice into your psyche and you will mistake it for your own. It will tell you to focus on fixing every part of you: your skin, your body, your quirkiness. Do not listen to it. Ignore it, turn it down, shut it out. Channel that energy elsewhere. Channel it into love.

I know it feels like you are emptying all you have into a world that will see all that you do and leave you empty. I promise the world will fill you back up. It will take time, and you fill feel like you have nothing else to give. Keep giving.

And I know people tell you that you are too much: too sensitive, too serious, too deep. Please never lose that sensitivity – it is called empathy, and too many people in the world reject this part of themselves. Please never lose seriousness, it is called living true to your values and respecting them. It means you know, wholeheartedly, who you are, and that this world is capable of meaning, and you will always vow to seek it. And please, please, never lose that depth – digging deep is where the magic is, and god is there ever so much more to find in an ocean than a pond.

Keep going, my love.

You are worth it.

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