the shift from thinking externally to thinking inward. to trusting. to rising back into strength.

if you are currently in this shift, the playlist that helped me through it lives here.


have not failed.
you found
what your heart craved 
but your head didn’t believe 
to exist — 
and the cracks 
are there to show you. 
to remind you. 
that you, my love.
have absolutely lived.


to know.
the way you got to know them.
learn your heart 
the way you learned theirs. 
but don’t forget
is no
— how can you know them when you don’t know you?


endings of the spark
that was once
the cause of the fire
within you

can leave a simmering.

some days may feel like
a slow burn, a waiting
for the flame
to reignite. to come home.

other days you remember
you are made up of water.

the embers that are simmering
are no match for you.
put them out. one by one.

and slowly.


the current practice
is in the waiting — 
in fluctuating between
re-reading the chapters
of what was
and the anticipation
of writing the drafts
of what will be.

the current practice
is in the being — 
in closing the book.
putting down the pen.
in filling up with connection and coffee
with people and places
that have held all versions of me
one last time
and simultaneously
to make space for what is coming.

the current practice
is in the opening — 
of my heart
and learning that it is safe
in it’s fullness
with more magic.
more ease.
more flow.

the current practice
is in the trusting — 
in the divine timing
of it all
and knowing
that it is all alright.
it is golden.
because it always has been.


running (away) 
doesn’t always have to be 

maybe it’s less about
running from
and more about
running to.

in arriving
there is always leaving —
but why emphasize the latter?
what about the arrival
instead of the leaving behind?

what about
the finding.
of what we crave.
what we feel pulled to explore.
what we’re chasing.

leaving is exploring.
a choice
to move forward
to lean towards what pulls you. 
instead of staying stagnant.

what magic it is
to have seen the choice
to carry forward
and taken it.