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“You are there now. Just relax into it, and explore on all levels.”

I’ve been in New Zealand for less than a week and I’ve spent more time with humans than I have alone. Every day is full of either walking or drinking or eating or laying or driving but always talking, about everything under the sun. There’s an ease to it i have never felt before. Perhaps it’s because we’re often so caught up in the motions of life – study. graduate. get a job. buy a house. fall in love. – that we never really take the time to be in the process.

Here, we’re just being. We’re all in process, under construction, patching up and rebuilding parts of us that were somehow damaged along the way. People and their wounds are worth getting to know. I craved these conversations back home. What i struggled with was believing that I was worth getting to know, too. That’s when the ease of connecting and conversation happens – only when you are curious about others and yourself. Only when you are open to seeing others and being seen.

This was my first solo adventure during my days here so far. I raced up to the top of the summit of the volcanic island to beat the rest of the crowd from the ferry. After an hour of following a volcanic rock path and stairs through crooked trees, I was surrounded by a 360 degree view of Auckland and the ocean.

For the first time since I’ve been here, I felt completely alone. And for the first time in my life, aloneness felt like freedom.

In the act of aloneness, in simply being with yourself, the universe guides others to you. It guides you to meet the kind of people you want to be surrounded with, the kind that confirm what you’re doing and where you’re headed and are headed there, too. The universe fills your time with things that are meant for you.

“Just let it flow over you and experience.”

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