hi, i’m mandy. ↟

if you looked inside this hungry heart of mine, you would find 1/4 daytime skinny dips, 1/4 coffee, 1/4 folk music + 1/4 words — connection, conversation, and coffee is my fuel. i take the slowest sips of the places i go and the people i meet, with a deep knowingness of the meaning of it all. of understanding that it is all always handcrafted for me by the universe. and it is all always perfect.

i’m an INFJ, a taurus, an enneagram 4 — which essentially means that romance, empathy, intentionality, and feeling is deeply embedded in my bones and how i navigate the world. i know that feeling is our superpower as humans, and am a firm believer in the mess.

i remember when my sister saw the ocean for the first time. she put her hand out as the tide came in, and when her fingers met the stillness, she said “oh… it’s just water.” and that was a moment that i knew that i am on this earth to remind us of the magic, to bring us back to our fundamental knowing that it is safe to feel and be astonished by life — that it is, in fact, at the foundation of what it means to be human, that we can all access it, but our conditioning has caused us to fear it. you are here to feel and be your honest, messy self.

in a world that is loud, chaotic, always running, fast, projecting our stuff everywhere, i turned to writing to ground and slow myself down. to seek a softer and more honest way. to process the hard and the light, the griefy and the joyful, and to recognise that it is all humanness. it’s all universal. and it has the power to wake you up to your light. i seek moments that make my cells expand from aliveness. vulnerability. discomfort. awkward and hard conversations. feeling. and writing is the tool that i use to share it all with you — to guide you to wake up to your light, and experience it all just a little bit deeper. thank you for being here. i see you, and i am so grateful for your willingness to give my words space, but tread lightly —

this is where my deepest knowings live. ✧

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